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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Codeine medicines for under 18

Commission on Human Medicines advice for codeine medicines

"Following a review of the safety and efficacy of OTC liquid medicines containing codeine in children, the conclusion was reached that overall the risks of using these medicines outweighed the possible benefits and therefore these medicines should no longer be used in children under the age of 18 years for the treatment of dry, unproductive coughs going forwards...all these medicines should carry a breastfeeding warning”

examples of such medications
•Codeine Linctus BP
•Pulmo Bailly
•Galcodine Linctus
•Galcodine Paediatric Linctus

Source: the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain e-alert (6/10/10)

:توصیه اخیر کمیته داروها
از مصرف شربت های کدئین دار برای درمان سرفه خشک در افراد زیرهجده سال و مادرانی که به فرزندانشان شیر میدهند اکیدا خودداری فرمایید

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